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Dr. Yuval Gozansky is a cultural studies researcher of children’s media. He published articles in leading academic journals, and in 2019 a book in Hebrew about the cultural history of Israeli children’s television: "From Dodley to digital: 50 years of Israeli children’s television". Prior to his academic career, he was a director of numerous children’s television programmes.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Yuval Gozansky - CV

Areas of Interest

  • Children's media
  • Culture studies
  • Production research


Children's media

Culture studies

Production research


2019                The Reference book Award, Israeli Center for Libraries, with the support of the Ministry of Culture & Sport.

2018                Research grant from Dov Lautman Forum for Education Policy, for research about the journalistic coverage of Nation-State Law and its implications on education for democracy and partnership in Israel.

2017-2018       Children’s Television Worldwide: Gender Representation II.

2017                Grant for a research project about non-fiction television programs for children about puberty from all over the world. Prix Jeunesse festival in Munich, Germany.

2015 - 2020     Council for Higher Education (Israel) Grant for students and academia involvement with the community project: "Children's news", 130,000 NIS.

2015 - 2016     Participation in an international research project of children watching TV, in collaboration with Prix Jeunesse International.


Gozansky, Y., & Jonas Aharoni, G. (forthcoming, 2020). Transmedia storytelling on Israeli children's drama. In M. Talmon & Y. Levy (Eds.), Israeli Television: Global contexts, local visions. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Gozansky, Y. & Lemish, D. (2019). Still “about boys and girls”: What has changed a decade later in gender representation in television programming for children in Israel? Migdar [Gender], 6, [In Hebrew]. https://www.migdarjournal.com/blank-6

Gozansky, Y. (2019). “Growing up” on The Children’s Channel: Coping with taboo on sexuality on children’s television in Israel. Media Frames, 18, . [In Hebrew].

Gozansky, Y. (2018). Fifty years of drama on Israeli children’s television: From teaching to competing. Israel Studies Review, 33(2), 123–147.

Gozansky, Y. (2018). Showing puberty: Overcoming the taboo in children’s television. Sex Education, 18(5), 555-570.

Gozansky, Y. (2017). From pupils to consumers: The transformation of the concept of childhood in Israeli children’s television, Journal of Children and Media, 11(1), 36-52.

Gozansky, Y. (2016). Can children’s television encourage children’s creativity? Israeli TV producers’ discourse. In T. Brown & A. M. Castellanos (Eds.), Chiselled horizons: A multi-cultural approach to visual literacy (pp. 105-113). Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Scientific Books (Refereed)

Gozansky, Y. (2019). From Dodley to Digital: 50 years of Israeli Children's Television. Ra'anana: Open University Press, 290 pages. [In Hebrew].

Other Scientific Publications

Götz, M., & Gozansky, Y. (2018). Children´s television worldwide II: Gender representation in Israel. International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television (IZI), retrieved from http://childrens-tv-worldwide.com/pdfs/Israel.pdf

Götz, M., Hofmann, O., Mendel, C., Lemish, D., Scherr, S., Gozansky, Y., Huang, K., Prommer, E., Russo-Johnson, C., Sanabria, E., & Whitaker L. (2018). Whose story is being told? Results of an analysis of children’s TV in 8 counties. Televizion, 31(E), 61-65.

Gozansky, Y. (2011). Childhood and change: Children’s television perspective. In E. Ginsburg (Ed), What is cultural change? (pp. 90-95) [Hebrew]. Hof Ashkelon, Israel: Sapir Academic College.


2019    The Children’s Media Symposium II, Creativity Re-booted: Platforms and Possibilities for Storytelling. University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Paper title: "Flashback: Transmedia Storytelling on Children's TV in Israel". Presented with Dr. Gabriela Jonas Aharoni.

2019    69th Annual International Communication Association (ICA) Conference, Washington Hilton, Washington, D.C., USA. Paper title: “TV Creators’ Social Justification: Self-Perceptions of Israeli TV Creators for Adults and Children". Presented with Dr. Noa Lavie.

2019    The ISCA 23rd Annual Conference, Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, Israel. Paper title: “Nation-State Law in Israeli journalism in Hebrew and Arabic: Back to “partisan press”?”. Presented with Dr. Moti Gigi.

2019    Fiction 9: Television & Politics. The 9th Conference in Television Studies,             Tel-Aviv University. Paper title: “Between liberalism and conservatism on children’s television in Israel: “Grown-ups as a test case”.

2018    The ISCA 22nd Annual Conference, College of Management Rishon LeZion, Israel. Paper title: “The ‘Growing-Up’ on The Children’s Channel (TCC): Coping with Taboo on Children’s Television in Israel”.

2018    Fiction 8: Technology & Television. The 8th Conference in Television Studies,       Tel-Aviv University. Paper title: “’What happened to BFF???’ Media culture of children in the digital age – Multiple screens and fictional interactivity”.

2017    Children’s Global Media Summit, Manchester, UK. Paper title: ‘Showing puberty: overcoming the taboo in children’s television’.

2017    The ISCA 21st Annual Conference, Sapir Academic College (Israel). Paper title: ‘The Transformation of the Concept of Periphery Children in the Field Israeli Television for kids’.

2016    Fiction 6: Inside and outside the box. The 6th Conference in Television Studies,     Tel-Aviv University. Paper title: ‘Daily Drama and the New Media’.

2015    The Story of Children’s Television – An International Conference at University of Warwick, UK. Paper title: ‘Israeli Daily Drama as the Answer of Children's Television to New Media’.

2015    Creative Engagements Thinking With Children, 10th Global Conference, Inter-Disciplinary.Net in Lisbon, Portugal. Paper title: ‘Can Children’s Television Encourage Children’s Creativity? Israeli TV Producers Discourse’.

2014    Children in the Big City. The 5th Conference of the Program in Research of Child and Youth Culture at Tel Aviv University. Paper title: ‘City Children and the Media’.

2014    Is Israeli Children's TV avoiding the Reality of life? A one day Conference in the Audio & Visual Arts Department, Sapir College. Paper title: ‘The Representation of Reality in the Israeli TV for children: From Local to Global Issues and Trends’. Presented with Dr. Gabriela Jonas Aharoni.   

2014    Fiction 4: The End of Television? The 4th Conference on Television Studies,          Tel-Aviv University. Paper title: ‘Educational Television – The End (or just a Change?)’.

2013    25th IAMHIST Conference: Childhood and the Media, the International Association for Media and History, University of Leicester (UK). Paper title: ‘The Transformation of the Concept of Childhood in the Israeli Television for Children: Creativity as a Test Case’

2012    IAMCR2012 Conference: International Association for Media and Communication Research, Popular Culture Working Group, Durban, South Africa. Paper title: ‘The Transformation of the Concept of Childhood in the Israeli Television for Children: From Local to Global Issues and Trends’.

2012    Fiction 2: Television at its best? The 2nd Conference of Television Studies,            Tel-Aviv University. Paper title: ‘Children's Television in Israeli: a Change in the

Concept of Childhood’.         

2010    The 26th Association for Israel Studies Annual Conference, University of Toronto, Canada. Paper title: ‘The Transformation of the Concept of Childhood in the Israeli Television for Children’.

2010    The 4th researcher’s meeting, Sapir Culture Studies Forum. Paper title:       ‘Childhood and Change in Childhood: The Children’s Television Perspective’.

2009    The 3rd Workshop for Visual Culture Research, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan.

            Paper title: ‘Metaphoric Art-Direction in the Children TV Show “Ken      Lazipor’.


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