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Dr katz is a lecturer at Sapir College, Department of Public Policy and Administration since 2001 and from 2006 in the School of Social work.Her PhD is from Sussex University UK and her M.A is from the Hebrew University Jerusalem Israel.

Dr Katz has an extentive working experience in Israel Public Sector. In her last position in the AJJDC-Israel she played a central role in developing services for abused and neglected children in Israel.

Since 2002 she is a member of the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel Welfare Forum. She is a member of the advisory forum to AFSHAR Association. For the last six years she served as a judge of the Leonor and Larry Zusman JDC-Israel Price for excellence in the field of social services in Israel.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Katz Chana - CV

Areas of Interest

  • Poverty : perceptions
  • discourse and policies
  • public policy process and discourse
  • Civic Society organizations impact on public policy
  • Welfare State and social policy


Hebrew lective year: תשפב



Rights Advocacy organizations independent knowledge – towards the end of collecting data

People living in poverty perceptions on social services – after four years of collecting data (questionnaires) we will move to the analysis stage – together with Prof Monnickendam


1999 (4-7), The Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago International Fellow


Scientific Publications
Authored books
Korazim-Korosy,Y., Katz, C., Karmon, A. (2009). Interdisciplinary Community Development: Essence, principles and Directions for Implementation, Jerusalem: Interdisciplinary forum for Community Development, Ashalim, Jewish agency for Israel, Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, Zipory Center for community Education. (Hebrew)

Editorship of collective volumes

Katz, C. and Tzfadia, E. (Eds). (2010). "Abandoning State – Surveillancing State": Social Policy in Israel, 1985-2008. Tel-Aviv: Resling (Hebrew).

Chapters in collective volumes - Conference proceedings, Festschrift, etc.

Katz, C. (2018). From vision to policy, in: R. Feuerstein (Ed), Breaking through the glass wall: intimacy and marriage for people with disabilities. Tel-Aviv: Yedioth Ahronoth Books and Chemed Books. (Hebrew)[in press]

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Refereed articles and refereed letters in scientific journals - running numbers

Katz, C. & Lifshitz, C. (2018). The impact of policy networks and public political discourse on the shaping of educational policies for promoting Ethiopian Israeli children and youth. Megamot, 52(2), 163-194. (Hebrew)

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Published scientific reports and technical papers

Katz, C., Monnikendam, M., and Katan, Y. (2009). Local Social Services and Escalating Poverty: Practice, Perceptions, and Expectations, Jerusalem: Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel. (Hebrew)

Katz, C. (2006). Promoting inter-sectorial, inter-organizational interdisciplinary relations in social services – Policy Position Paper, Ministry of Welfare www.molsa.gov.il/knowledge/officepolicy (Hebrew)

Unrefereed professional articles and publications

2012 From Protest to Influence, Panim, no 58 pp 83-87.

2007, Pro Active Watch Dog – Civil Society organizations impact on government policy "Hadea Harovachat" 43 pp 14-16, with Epstein, B. and Rei, G. (Hebrew) [Israel Council on Social Welfare bulletin]

Book Review

2013 Fighting Poverty, Inequality and Injustice A Manifesto Inspired by Peter Townsend Eds: Alan Walker, Adrian Sinfield and Carol Walker Bristol: The Policy Press, 2011. Invited book review. In: Social Security, 91: 170-173 (Hebrew)

2010, Community Work: Methods for Social Change by Elisheva Sadan, in: Dapim, 50, 270-273, invited book review. (Hebrew)


At conferences

Katz, C. (2018). Social Policy in Israel – Between election discourse and government agenda setting: the case of working poor in Israel 2013 election. The 34th Annual meeting of the Association for Israel Studies- Israel at Seventy: Challenges and Opportunities. University Of California Berkeley California June 25-27.

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International seminars

2013 – International Workshop on: Researching Policy Practice in Social Work: An International Perspective. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem the Institute for Advance studies

2005 – International Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility. State of Israel Ministry of Social Affairs Department of International Relations. Jerusalem.

1998 - Third international workshop: "Measuring and Monitoring the State of children – beyond survival", Charleston South Carolina, USA.

1997 – Second international workshop: "Measuring and Monitoring the State of Children – beyond survival", Campobassa, Italy.

1996- First international experts workshop: "Measuring and Monitoring the State of Children – beyond survival", Jerusalem, Israel.

Presentations in institutions
2017, 2016 – Israel as a Welfare State – Past, Present, Future an invited lecture – the exclusion and inclusion as Public Policy German-Israel course. (February in Sapir College)

2016 – Who wins from the Periphery? - The Politic and Governance Department, Ben Gurion University of the Negev Annual conference (June)

2016 – Social work role in combating poverty – the annual Schools of Social work in Israel Colleges Conference on Social work challenges and special opportunities in peripheral areas – organizing and charring the session (January)

2015 – Workshop on poverty, employment and people living in poverty – School of Social Work Sapir College Day on social work and employment (April)

2015 – "The profile of Israel Welfare State and social-economic-welfare policies" an invited lecture – the exclusion and inclusion as Public Policy German-Israel course. (February)

2015 – "They and us; professionals' poverty perceptions and their influence on services development" an invited lecture ELM annual professionals conference (February)

2013 – Overview on Israel social policy and poverty policy paradigms, two lectures to "Creating Future" training program for local directors, Scholl of Social work Sapir Academic College and the Jewish Agency.

2012 - "What kind of salad can we make? On collaboration between organizations" Opening lecture, the academic forum for Social Entrepreneurship Global Entrepreneurship Week Seminar, Tel Aviv University

2010 ; 2011– "Tackling poverty as part of Local Community Development", Galillee College, Urban Economic Development Courses for African countries advance study.

2010 – "Inter sectors, inter organizational and inter disciplines relations conceptual distinctions", opening lecture, the Center for Social Justice in Memory of Yaakov Hazan, in Van-Leer Jerusalem Institute, seminar on: Inter-organizational, inter-sectors, inter disciplines collaboration in developing communities from Theory to Practice: the case of Gevanim Shederot.

2007 - "Relationships between an organization and its environment – interorganizational and interdisciplinary relations", opening lecture JDC-ELKA study day for senior members of the Youth and Society Administration Ministry of Education.

2007 – "Promoting interorganizational –interdisciplinary -intersectorial relations the policy paper and the case study in Haifa", opening lecture in a day seminar on welfare services in an era of partnerships, for executive directors.

2006 – "Facing the community – facing families", opening lecture joint seminar the Welfare Division Ashkelon Municipality and School of Social Work Ashkelon Academic College.

2005 – Ministry of Housing executive directors: "Community Business sector Relations – Social Investment Model"

2005 – Ministry of Justices, directors of mediations centers: "The Community Puzzle".

2005 – The community centers association, new community centers directors: "Community Development in Israel – New Trends".

1997 - Philanthropies and Government, seminar for North American Residential Education Leaders sponsored by ICRE - The International Center for Residential Education, Israel

1994 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs International course on planning and developing social services for South American trainers: Developing Services for Children, Jerusalem, Israel.

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https://www.researchgate.bet/profile/katcz chana