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Studied general history at Tel Aviv University, specializing in modern German history and German cultural influences on Hebrew and Israeli culture. Currently research the representations on Israeli legal tender.

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Na'ama Sheffi - CV

Areas of Interest

  • Hebrew and Israeli cultural history
  • German cultural history


Translations from German into Hebrew (literature, plays, non-fiction).
Wagner in Israeli culture.
Representations on Israeli money.


Trammer Prize, Leo Baeck Institute, Jerusalem, 1996.


Na'ama Sheffi & Anat First. (forthcoming). Nationalism in the Wallet: Money, Identity and Ideology in Israel. [Monograph, Hebrew]. Magnes Press

Na'ama Sheffi, The Ring of Myths: The Israelis, Wagner and the Nazis (Hebrew 1999; English 2001, revised 2013; German 2002).

Na'ama Sheffi, German in Hebrew: Translation from German into Hebrew in Jewish Palestine, 1882-1948 (Hebrew 1998; German 2011).

Latest articles:

Na'ama Sheffi, Introducing an Israeli Collective Portrait: The Allegoric Figures Series. Israel Studies, 24.1 (spring, 2019): 24-53. DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.24.1.03 .

Na'ama Sheffi & Anat First, The Power of Hegemony: Human Figures on Israeli Banknotes. Israel Affairs. 25.5 (2019): 769-787. DOI: 10.1080/13537121.2019.1645967 .

Na'ama Sheffi & Anat First, The Making of a Capital: Jerusalem on Israeli Banknotes. Israel Studies Review 35.1 (2020): 56-78. doi:10.3167/isr.2020.350105

Na'ama Sheffi, Past Continuous: Archaeological Representations on Israeli Banknotes and Coins. International Journal of Heritage Studies. DOI: 10.1080/13527258.2018.1544919.
Na'ama Sheffi, Introducing an Israeli Collective Portrait: The Allegoric Figures Series. Israel Studies, doi 10.2979/israelstudies.24.1.03.
Na'ama Sheffi, The Politics of Translation: The German-Hebrew Case, in: Magdalena Waligórska and Tara Kohn (eds.), Jewish Translation, Translating Jewishness. Berlin/ Boston: De Gruyter, 2018, pp. 173-192.


Latest Presentations:

Online Teaching: An Unpredicted Silver Lining, Conference for Higher Education Research, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, November 2019

Past Continuous: Archaeology on Israeli Money, Association for Israel Studies (annual conference), Kinneret Academic College, June 2019

Flora and National Belonging: The story of Israeli Banknotes, Association for Jewish Studies, Boston, December 2018.

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