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Dr.  Moti Gigi lecturer and academic advisor in the Department of Communications at Sapir Academic College. His primary areas of interest are the sociology of center and periphery, ethnicity, development towns and kibbutzim, the sociology of Israeli politics and mass media. Moti joined the Department of Communications at Sapir College in 2001, and nominated as senior staff member in 2011. Moti has a PhD in sociology from Ben-Gurion University in 2016. His dissertation examines the power relations of development towns and Kibbutzim from 1950-2012, focusing on Sderot and Sha'ar- Hanegev Regional Council. Parts of his research were presented in the several universities Berkeley, NYU, Brandies, UCLA, Indiana, Tel-Aviv University etc.  Moti was a visiting scholar at NYU's Taub center from 2016-2017. From August 2018 Moti is the Chair if the Communications Department at Sapir Academic College.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Moti Gigi - CV

Areas of Interest

  • Center-Periphery
  • Development-Towns- Kibbutzim
  • Mizrachim-Ashkenzim



 2016 Net-Med israel funded by the European Union, and UNESCO, 25,000$.

2018 "Gvanim" academic grant, 60,000 NIS.

2019 Lautman foundation grant, 42,500 NIS 2019

"Tikva- israelit” grant, 60,000 NIS 






2014 Scholarship for outstanding PhD scholars. ISEF PhD program.

2014-2016 Sapir Academic College, grant of reward excellence for senior faculty members.

2016-2017   Sabbaticals from the department of communication in Sapir Academic College.

2016-2017  ISEF fellowship for Postdoc Fellowship. 


 Ph.D Dissertation  

 . The Relationship Between Development Towns (Ayarot Pitu'ah) and the Kibbutzim: Class, Identity and Space, 2016, 190 pages, Hebrew, Ben-Gurion University, supervised by Prof. Nitza Berkovitch and Prof. Yehouda Shenhav.  

 Articles in Refereed Journals 

 Benjamin S., Dahan Y., Gigi M., Lir S., Shemoelof M., Shem-Tov N. (2012). From Campus to the Port: Coverage of Strikes and Strikers in Israeli Media  Israeli Sociology, 14 (1): 29-57 [Hebrew] 

 Gigi, M. (2018). Relations Between Development Towns and Kibbutzim. Israel Studies Review 33(4), 121-139 

 Articles or Chapters in Scientific books 

Gigi M., Bairey Ben Ishay A. (2017). Change and changing in the Academy: between self-awareness, collective consciousness and change. In  Golan, D., Rosenfeld, J., and Orr, Z. (Eds). Academy-community partnerships in Israel . 

 Gigi. M., (2017). Space, Status and Identity: The case of Sderot – Shhar Hanegev. In Zubida H & Lipshitz R. (Eds). Stop-No Border In Front of You.   

Bairey Ben I shay A., Gigi M., (2019). From Personal to Critical Awareness and Active Engagement: Consciousness Shift Among Students During Participation in Academic Course. In Golan D., and Shalhoub-Kevorkiqan M.(Eds). Understanding CampusCommunity Partenerships in Conflict Zones. 


  Other Scientific Publications 

Eliasi, G., Gigi, M., Yonah, A., Madar,V., Ivri, Y, Shmoelof, M, Shem-Tov, N.(2008). Politics of distribution and politics of recognition. Research report. The Van Leer Jerusalem institute. (Hebrew). 

Benjamin S., Dahan Y., Gigi M., Lir S., Shemoel of M., Shem-Tov N. (2010). "Grabbing the state by the throat" Media Coverage of strikes and strikers in Israel. The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. [Hebrew] 

Gigi, M. & Nuriely, B.(2017). Young adults and the media in Israel. Research report. UNESCO. 

 Gigi, M., Guzansky, Y. (2018). Press coverage of the national state bill and the implication of the law to partnership and education to democracy. Research Report. Open university and Lautman Foundation. 

 Other Publications 

Gigi,M.(Oct.,31,2007). The golden chain. Haokets. (Hebrew). 

Gigi,M.(Jan., 20,2010). Thoughts about temporary workers, adjuncts etc . Haokets. (Hebrew). 

Gigi,M, & Nuriely, B.(June, 6, 2014). Cursed it is pretty: Hula&Natan and Oil in water two documentaries movies of Robby Elmaliiah. Journal of South Film Festival. (Hebrew). 

Gigi, M.(Dec.,18,2014). The offensive employment in the Colleges will go on.Haokets. (Hebrew). 

Gigi,M.(Nov., 1,2016). The rebels poles that chose Trump and the coalition that we need between class and identity. Haokets. (Hebrew). 

Gigi, M.(Dec.,11,2016). Another step in the evolution in the Mizrachim struggle.Haokets. (Hebrew). 

Gigi, M.(May, 15,2017). The bill’s war and the American dream.Haokets. (Hebrew). 

 Gigi, M. (May, 17, 2017). Can Amir Peretz finish what Israeli’s Black Panthers started?. Forward. 

 Gigi, M., Zubida,H.(Oct.,22,2017). Why we are striking? Because there is an Elite group against Higher education. Haaretz. (Hebrew). 

 Gigi, M.(Oct., 24,2018). An open letter to the Minister of Education- why we don’t hear (from) you.Davar. (Hebrew). 

 Gigi M. & , Lavie, N.(Nov.,12, 2018). The Colleges are not second best Universities. The-Marker. (Hebrew). 


 Gigi, M.(Mar.,3, 2019). We are acting like we don’t have Facebook and YouTube: The election announcements didn’t change form the 70’s. The-Marker. (Hebrew). 

Gigi, M.(2019). Peripheralities. brochure to the fringe theater in Beer-Sheva. 

 Gigi, M.(July, 31, 2019). Why the mass media amplified the story of rape in Cyprus. The7eye. (Hebrew). 

 Gigi,M.(Aug.,05,2019 ). Not Lapid. Traditional Mizrachim they are the biggest threat of Shas party.Ynet.(Hebrew). 


  Submitted Publications 

Gigi, M., Guzansky, Y. & Nuriely, B. (Revise& resubmit). Young adults know that their issues are not represented: young adults and mainstream media in Israel. Journal of youth studies. 




2007 -23rd Annual Conference, The Open University of Israel, Ra'anana, Israel. "Between center and periphery in higher education the case of Sapir college”.

2016- 29th Annual Conference University of California, Los Angeles, USA. “The establishment of Cinematheque in Sderot. Class, space and ethnicity” 

2017 -32nd Annual Conference Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi and Menachem Begin Heritage Center Jerusalem June 20-22,

2016 Power Relationship between Development Towns and Kibbutzim: Class, Identity and Space. 


2017-NYUTCIS-Development Towns (Ayarot Pitu'ah) & Kibbutzim in Israel: Power Relations or cooperation? The case of Sderot and Regional Councils of Sha'ar-Hanegev, 1950-2012. 


  2018 - 34th Annual Conference, Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies, University of California, Berkeley. “Between Two Communities: The Residents of the Kibbutz Expansions in the Regional Council of Shar-Hanegev and the Urban Kibbutz Migvan in Sderot”. 

Local Conferences :

2005 Seminar for young researchers, Van Leer Institute: " Between center and periphery in higher education the case of Sapir college"

2009 PhD conference, ISEF, Hebrew university: "Southern college or a college in the south?  higher education in the periphery Sapir College as a case study".

2014 4th Ph.D conference, Sociology and Anthropology department,  Ben-Guiron University . “The establishment of Cinematheque in Sderot. Class, space and ethnicity”.

2018 50 years of integration program in Education: Inclusion, Exclusion and Social Change, Open University. Sderot residents in the communal expansions of Shaar Hanegev regional council: Between Integration to Segregation.   

2018 Dov Lautman Conference on Educational Policy, Open University. Media coverage of "nationality law" and its implications on Education for democracy and equality.  


2018 Geographical conference, place. "no matter what, even in the kibbutz I'm from Sderot". 2018 Ethnicity in the Mirror, Bar-Ilan University. Urban Kibbutz and Development towns: Case study of Migvan Urban Kibbutz in Sderot. 


2018 Academic conference of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Ashkelon college. Between two Frontiphery (frontier and periphery): Sderot Residents that moved to the Kibbuts expansion.  


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