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I have a strong academic background in marketing. My BA, MA, and doctorate all focus on marketing management. I'm a tenure track lecturer in the deprtment of Technology Marketing where I hold various academic responsibilities including Head of the Digital Marketing specializtion, Head of the Marketing Clinic overseen by the Technological Marketing Department, and Chairperson of the Teaching Committee. In the last few years I have been serving as ad-hoc reviewer in two leading academic journals (IMR & Tourism Management).  I'm also a freelance marketing advisor. Twice a week I appear on the Trending show (aired on i24news) to discuss the latests tech advancements and innovations emerging from Israel and the world.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Willy Abraham - CV

Areas of Interest

  • consumer animosity
  • tourism management
  • conspicuous consumption
  • hospitality research
  • consumer ethnocentrism
  • consumer behavior


Hebrew lective year: תשפ


Currently, I lead several major research projects aimed at examing tourism behavior in the context of cultural and international disputes.


Best Paper Award, International Journal of Business and Social Science - 2013


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