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Erez Tzfadia is Associate Professor of Public Policy and Administration at Sapir College, Israel, where he was the head of the department and an executive board member (2011-2015). Erez is an alumnus of Ben Gurion University (2002), held a Lady Davis Postdoctoral position at the Hebrew University (2003), and was an Israel Institute Visiting Scholar at the Bildner Center at Rutgers University (2015-6). He holds adjunct positions at Ben Gurion University and at the University of Maryland. His studies focus on spatial policy in Israel. He is the coauthor of Rethinking Israeli Space (Routledge, 2011); Israel since 1980 (Cambridge, 2008), and the coeditor of Abandoning State— Surveillancing State: Social Policy in Israel, 1985–2008 (Sapir and Resling, 2010). More details on his research are available at: https://sapir.academia.edu/ErezTzfadia. Erez is the chairperson of the board of directors of BIMKOM – Planners for Planning Rights - an Israeli non-profit, human rights organization (http://bimkom.org/eng).

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Tzfadia Erez - CV

Areas of Interest

  • Spatial Policy
  • Territory
  • Spatial planning
  • settler-colonialism
  • Periphery
  • Local governance
  • Informality
  • Displacement
  • Development Towns


Hebrew lective year: תשפ


  • Israel Science Foundation (ISF) – a research grant. 'Understanding Urban Displacement: Implications for Israeli Cities'. Co-researcher: Yiftachel, O., 2018-2021.
  • Israel Science Foundation (ISF) – a research grant: 'the socio-spatial dimension in indigenous local governance: the case of |Kseifa, a Bedouin town in Israel', Co-researcher: Meir, A., 2015-2017.
  • Mifal HaPayis research grant on local authorities – Ultra Orthodox Jews in Development Towns, Co-researcher: Lee Cahaner. 2015-2016.
  • Robert Arnow Center for Bedouin Studies – a research grant, 'Land rights of indigenous peoples: The case of the Arab Bedouins in the Negev' (Co-researcher: Batya Roded), 2011.
  • Israel Science Foundation (ISF) – a research grant: 'Gray Urbanization': Informalities and the Israeli Space. Co-researcher: Alfasy, N. Kedar, S. and Yiftachel, O., 2007-2010
  • Ministry of Science (Israel) - a research grant: 'New Farms and Tourist Initiatives in the South: Planning, Social and Ecological Aspects'. Co-researchers: Yiftachel, O. Blumberg, D, Heilig, A. 2005-2008.
  • Ben-Gurion University and Sapir College Joint Foundation for Research in Economics and Social Issues – research grant: 'Interpretative Policy Analysis: Quality model of public participation and its attitudes on relocating military bases in the Negev'. Co-researchers: Levy, Y. and Oren, A., 2006
  • BGU foundation - research grant for young scientists: 'Spaces of Transformation: Politics, Ideology and Interests in Israel’s Spatial Policy', 2004.
  • Ministry of Science (Israel) - research grant: 'The Influence of 'Russian' Immigration on Israel's Development Towns'. Co-researcher: Yiftachel, O. 1999-2002.


Israel Institute Visiting Professor at Rutgers University, NJ (The Allen and Joan Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life and Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy) and at The University of Maryland (The Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies), 2015-2016.

Minerva, Short-term grant (visiting fellow at: Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies - IMIS, Osnabruck, Germany, Summer 2003).

The Lady Davis Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Hebrew University, October 2002

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute. The Mediterranean Program Summer-School for Outstanding PhD candidates (July 2001).

The Wolf Foundation, Award for outstanding PhD students, January 2001

M. A.: Ben-Gurion University, Graduate scholarship, 1996-1998 (includes two honor scholarships for distinguished students).

Ben-Gurion University, B.A. scholarship for distinguished student, 1993.



PhD Thesis
Immigrants in Peripheral Towns in the Israeli Settler Society: Mizrahim in Development Towns Face Russian Migration (in Hebrew)


(a) Books

1. Tzfadia, E. and Yacobi H. (2011). Rethinking Israeli Space, Routledge.

2. Ben-Porat, G., Levy, Y., Mizrachi, S., Naor. A. and Tzfadia, E. (2008). Israel since 1980, Cambridge University Press.


(b) Editorship of Collective Volumes

1. Tzfadia, E. and Chiodelli, F. (Guest eds.) (2016). “Formal Institutions and the Production of Informal Urban Spaces” (Special Issue), Geography Research Forum, 36

2. Tzfadia, E. and Benjamin, O. (Guest eds. + editorial introduction) (2014). "Public Housing: The Failure and the Fight" (special issue), Social Security, 94 (in Hebrew).

3. Katz, C. and Tzfadia, E. (Eds.). (2010). Abandoning State – Surveillancing State: Social Policy in Israel, 1985-2008, Sapir and Resling (in Hebrew).

4. Tzfadia, E. (Guest ed. + introduction) (2012). "Center and Periphery" (special issue), Panim, 57 (in Hebrew),

(c) Chapters in edited books

1. Tzfadia E. (2017). “Informal Outposts in the West Bank: Normality in Gray Space”, in: M. Allegra, A. Handel, and E. Maggor (eds.). Normalizing Occupation: The Politics of Everyday Life in the West Bank Settlements, Indiana University Press, pp. 92-111.

2. Yiftachel, O. and Tzfadia, E. (2016). "The Gray Space: The Substance and Implications of Spatial Planning and Development in the Future", In: S. Hasson, O. Kutok, D. Drukman and D. Roter (eds.). Israel 2048: Spatial Development and Planning, Jerusalem: Hebrew University, pp. 159-170 (in Hebrew).

3. Tzfadia, E. and Yacobi, H. (2015). "The Privatization of Space", in: Galnoor, Y., Paz-Fuchs, A. and Zion, N. (eds.). Privatization Policy in Israel: State Responsibility and Boundaries between the Public and the Private, Jerusalem: Van Leer and Hakibutz Hameuhad, pp. 405-440 (in Hebrew).

4. Tzfadia, E. and Yiftachel, O. (2014). "The Gray City of Tomorrow", in: Fenster, T. and Shlomo, O. (eds.). Cities of Tomorrow: Planning, Justice and Sustainability Today? , Tel-Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuchad, pp. 176-192 (in Hebrew).

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6. Tzfadia, E. (2013). "Informality as Control: The Legal Geography of Colonization of the West Bank" in: Chiodelli F., De Carli B., Falletti M., Scavuzzo L. (eds.). Cities to Be Tamed? Spatial Investigations across the Urban South, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 192-214.

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9. Katz, C. and Tzfadia, E. (2010)."The Hyphen between State Abandoning and State Surveillancing", in: Katz, C. and Tzfadia, E. (eds.). Abandoning State – Surveillancing State: Social Policy in Israel, 1985-2008, Sapir and Resling, pp. 9-31 (in Hebrew).

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(d) Peer-reviewed journal articles

1. Yacobi, H. and Tzfadia, E. (2018). Neo-settler colonialism and the reformation of territory: Privatization and nationalization in Israel, Mediterranean Politics, forthcoming.

2. Tzfadia, E. (2016). “The Grey Space of Colonization: A Legal-Geography Analysis of the Outposts”, Theory and Criticism (Teorya u-Bikoret), 47, pp. 133-158.

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A translated to Italian:

Tzfadia, E. and Yiftachel, O. (2012). "Tra Scale Urbane e Nazionali: La Mobilitazione Politica dei Mizrachi Nelle Development Town Israeliane", In: S. Sinigaglia (ed.). Ebrei Arabi: Terzo Imcomodo? Zambon Editore, pp. 306-346.

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(e) Unrefereed Professional Articles

1. Yiftachel, O. and Tzfadia, E. (2013). "Grey Space and the Israeli City", Panim, 64, pp. 95-105 (in Hebrew).

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9. Yiftachel, O. and Tzfadia, E. (2000). “Trapped Men”, Panim, 13, pp. 44-59 (in Hebrew).

*** I have published 27 op-ed articles in daily newspapers since 2002.

(f) Book Reviews in Journals

1. Bar-On, S. (2013). Weaving Community, Jerusalem: Magnes Press, The Hebrew University. Reviewed at: Israeli Sociology, 17(1), (2015), pp. 176-179 (in Hebrew).

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(g) Op-Eds and Blogs (selected)

Privatising Zionism (The Guardian)

לחיות, לחקור ולהביט על המרחב מהפריפריה

שלג וההפרטה של המרחב הציבורי

מחאה עירונית בחסות התאגידים

לא רק עמונה: כך תמשיכו את תנופת ההתנחלות

בדרך לקניון עצרנו בקלפי

המשבר הפיננסי הוא הזדמנות להשקעה בפריפריה

הרס כפרים שלמים - מדיניות ישראלית חדשה

ההבדל בין חוות בודדים לכפר לא מוכר

ייהוד הנגב

מי מוציא דיבת הארץ רעה

איך שטייניץ דואג לפריפריה

ציונות בהפרטה

לא רק בסוכות גרים בדיור ארעי כל השנה

בין הריסות בתים לחוות יחידים

האדמה שייכת לכולם

האם אכן פשטנו את המדים

הקיבוצים יקבלו פירורים

לא למדו ובטח לא הפנימו את לקחי הול"ל

מי מפנטז על מרד בדווי בנגב

עניים ומופגזים

תיקון חלקי לאי צדק

חוקי או לא? הגבול הדק במרחב האזרחי האפור

יש"ע זה לא כאן

הפרטה מרחבית מואצת וסלקטיבית (במקום)

נראה אתכם עוברים ועדת קבלה

ככה לא בונים חברה משותפת

תוכנית המתאר החדשה של ג'סר א-זרקא: כך מנשלת מדינת ישראל את הערבים מאדמותיהם

מי ירוויח מהאסון

המזרחים מרגישים שגנבו להם את עיירות הפיתוח

מזרחים ועולים - המזון של ש"ס בפריפריה



(a) Presentation of Papers at Conferences and Workshops (selected presentations)

“Haredi communities in Development Towns: Identity in a ‘Non-foreign’ Place”, The Annual Conference of the Israeli Geographical Association, Ben-Gurion University, December 2017 (in Hebrew).

“Gray Governance – the settler-colonial version: Displacement and the territorial logic of power in the OPT”, Space and Time in Israel-Palestine (workshop), Providence (RI): Brown University, November 17-19, 2017.

“Two legacies of Balfour declaration: colonialism and the rule of law”, Beyond the Balfour Declaration: Navigating everyday life in contemporary Israel/Palestine, Amsterdam Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Amsterdam, November 09, 2017.

“Grey Governance: Socio-Spatial Dimension in Indigenous Localities”, Local Governance in the New Urban Agenda (The annual conference of the International Geographical Union, Commission on Geography of Governance), Lecce (Italy): University of Salento, October 19-21, 2017.

“IDF in the Negev: Planning and Development between Market Economy, Society and Nation”, Beer-Sheva Convention: from Periphery to Metropolis, Ben Gurion Univ. June 21, 2017.

“Functional informalities? Planning and property rights in Bedouin municipalities: between indigenous customary law and modern state law”, 11th International Conference on Planning, Law, and Property Rights, Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong, February 20-24, 2017.

“Between State Law and Tribal Law: Indigenous Local Government in a Bedouin Town - Some Preliminary Findings”, The Legal Geography of Indigenous Communities: Negev Bedouins in Comparative Perspectives, Ben Gurion Univ. and Haifa Univ., October 18-20, 2016.

“Writing Effective Public Policy Papers: Professionalization by Community-Campus Partnerships”, 39th Teaching Public Administration Conference: Balancing Theory & Practice in Public Service Professionalization, School of public affair and administration (SPAA), Rutgers University-Newark, May 24 & 25, 2016

“Living Together Separately: Israel's Jewish-Arab City” (public talk), The Ruth and Alvin Rockoff Annual Lecture, Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life, Rutgers University, December 2015.

"Israel's Farming: between nationalism and capitalism", Agricultural Ethos: Body, Land and Territory, Petah-Tikva Museum of Art, May, 2015 (in Hebrew).

"Between Greater London and Greater Tel-Aviv", The Annual Conference of the Israeli Association of Planners, Ben-Gurion University, February, 2015 (in Hebrew).

"Public Housing" (chair and co-orgenizer), ESPAnet Israel, Ben-Gurion University, February, 2015 (in Hebrew).

"Exception, Citizenship and Justice in Planning", From Control to Co-evolution, AESOP annual congress, University of Utrecht, July, 2014.

"Gray Colonial Space: The Legal Geography of Jewish Settlement in the West Bank", The Settlements in the West Bank (1967-2014): New Perspectives, Tel-Aviv University, June 2014.

"Spatial Policy", Local Democracy: Between the State, Community and Market Economy, Ra'anana: Open University May, 2014 (in Hebrew).

"Exception and Exceptioned: Between Instrumental and Humanist Rationalities", The Annual Conference of the Israeli Geographical Association, Bar-Ilan, December 2013 (in Hebrew).

"Spatializing the Gender", Bridging Gendered Diversity in a Globalizing World, Ben-Gurion University, December 2013 (in Hebrew).

"Informality as Spatial Policy", Rethinking the Urban: CUI '13 / Contemporary Urban Issues Conference, Istanbul: University of Istanbul, November 2013.

"Exception", The Association of Israeli Planners, Tel-Aviv, February, 2013 (in Hebrew).

"Periphery, War and Neo-Liberalism", Poor in Frontier - War and Peace, Ben-Gurion University, January 2013 (in Hebrew).

"Land Regime and Social Stability in Israel: Between Nationalization and Privatization", Reconsidered Geographies: Territoriality in Israel and Palestine, Freie Universität Berlin, December, 2012.

"Informality as Control", Cities to be tamed?, Politecnico di Milano, November 2012 (Keynote and opening lecture).

"The Politics of Recognition and Land Allocation in Israel", Competing Histories and Conflicted Space (International Conference), University Of Haifa, October 2012.

"Between The Just City and nationalism: Peripheries in Israel's Social Protest", The Right to the City, the Right to the State: Claims of Social Justice in War and Peace, Nicosia, Cyprus, September 2012.

"The Gray Dwelling Space", The New Family and the Apartment: Housing and Cultural Diversity, Risho-LeZion, College of management, July, 2012 (in Hebrew).

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