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Dr. Michael Dahan, an Israeli-American, received his PhD in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2001. His research interests focus on two primary areas – political aspects of ICT usage and diffusion in the Middle East (particularly e-government, cyberwarfare and political aspects of technology and big data) as well as Israeli and Palestinian politics and society. He provides grounded analysis on a regular basis in both fields in the press and advises Israeli parliamentary committees on policy issues in his areas of expertise. Dr. Dahan has extensive first-hand experience in the security and development fields in both policy and practice. Currently permanent lecturer at the undergraduate and graduate Schools of Public Policy and Public Administration and Communication, Sapir Academic College in Israel, he founded the program in political communication at the Tel Aviv Yaffo Academic College, and is a frequent lecturer at Israeli, European and American universities. His languages include English, Hebrew, Arabic, and French. In addition to these, he has a working knowledge of several European languages.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Dahan Mike - CV

Areas of Interest

  • Technology
  • Society
  • Politics
  • New Media
  • Digital Culture and Politics
  • Cyber warfare
  • Big Data and Society
  • Smart Cities
  • Israeli Politics
  • US Politics


Dr. Dahan's research interests extend primarily into the field of technology and politics, exploring the impact of technology on political, social and cultural constructs, and more recently, the impact of ICTs on democracy, and the contribution to the rise of populism. His current research is focused on the rise of the smart city and the potential impact on democratic structures.




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