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Dr. Lihi Lahat is a senior lecturer in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at Sapir Academic College and an Affiliated Professor in the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies at Concordia University, Montreal. Her research focuses on the regulation of personal social services, trust, and the wellbeing of public sector workers, the relationship between time and policy, collaborative governance, and policymakers' perceptions of poverty.

Dr. Lahat holds a BA in political science, an MA cum laude in public policy, and a Ph.D. in public policy, all from Tel Aviv University. Her doctoral dissertation was on policymakers' perceptions of poverty. Her papers have been published in various journals, including Policy Sciences, Social Policy & Administration, International Review of Administrative Science, Management & Governance and Poverty & Public Policy.  Dr. Lahat has been a member of the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel since 2009. Along with Dr. Neta Sher-Hadar, she was the academic co-director of the research group studying collaborative governance in the Chazan Center at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Furthermore, she serves as the representative of the public on the Social Work Committee advising the Israeli Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, and at the board of ESPAnet Israel. 

She was a member of the executive board of the Political Science Association (2011-2013) and ran the “Outcome Oriented Management and Practice in Human Services Project” in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services (2013–2014). In fall 2018, she was a visiting researcher in the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. She was Israel Institute Visiting Scholar in the Serling Institute for Jewish Studies and Modern Israel at Michigan State University, US, in fall 2019.


Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lihi Lahat - CV

Areas of Interest

  • Collaborative Governance
  • Trust and Well-being in Public Organizations
  • Uses of Time and Policy Outcomes
  • Regulation of Social Services


As a researcher in the field of public policy and public administration, my ultimate goal is to better understand the way governments work and the way it affects our life. Moreover, I am interested in discovering ways that can improve the actions of governments. My research orientation is mainly nested in the neo-institutional approach and I am interested in the way institutional arrangements, in their wider definition, affect policy outcomes. I find myself drawn to comparative and multi-disciplinary perspectives, and utilize different methods as my research questions require. Due to the fact that I believe that public policy and public administration are intertwined, I explore both fields.



Scholarships, Awards, and Prizes:

2019 The Israel Institute Visiting Faculty Grant

2018 Visiting Researcher Grant the Azrieli Institute, Concordia University

2002-2006 The Eshkol Scholarship, Doctoral scholarship, Ministry of Science, Israel.

2005 The Citizens’ Empowerment Center Scholarship.

2003-2004 The Horowitz Scholarship for Excellence in Ph.D. research. The Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University.

2002 The Polak Scholarship, Doctoral scholarship, The Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University.

2001-2002 Doctoral Scholarship, The School of Government and Policy, The Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University.

1999 Award for Exceptional Academic Achievements (MA), The Department of Public Policy, The Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University.



Refereed Articles in Scientific Journals (peer-reviewed): 
Published (or in press)

Lahat, L., & Sabah, Y.  (accepted). Adaptive Regulation: A Possible Model for Regulation and Innovation in Personal Social Services.  Israel Studies Review, Special issue.

Lahat, L., & Ofek, D. (2020). Emotional well-being among public employees: A comparative perspective.   Review of Public Personnel Administration. DOI: 10.1177/0734371X20939642 . [Link]

Lahat, L.  (2020 forthcoming). Changing expectations?  The change in the role of Ministry in the regulation of personal social services, The American Academy of Political and Social Science – ANNALS 691 Special issue. DOI: 10.1177/0002716220959310 )

Lahat, L., & Sened, I. (2020). Time and Well-Being, An Institutional, Comparative Perspective. Is it Time to explore the idea of a Time Policy? Journal of European Social Policy, Vol. 30(3): 275-292.  DOI: 10.1177/0958928719891339  [Link]

Lahat, L., & Sher Hadar, N.  (2020). A Threefold Perspective: Conditions for Collaborative Governance.  Journal of Management and Governance. 24 (1), 117-134. [Link]

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Lahat, L., Menahem, G. & Katan, J. (2007). Attitudes of Heads of Local Authorities in Israel: The Sources of Poverty and Ways to Deal with Poverty, Israeli Sociology, 9(1), 71-101. (Hebrew([Link]

Menahem, G., Lahat, L. with Simantov, A. (2006). The Dilemmas of New Governance: A View from the Social Capital Perspective, Israeli Sociology, 7(2), 397-424. (Hebrew) ) [Link]

 Other Scientific Publications:

Lahat, L & Sened, I. (2019). Time and Policy: Uses of time, policy preferences, and policy perceptions. Research report. The National Insurance Institute of Israel. [Link]

Lahat, L. (2018). Swimming on Land: Some Suggestions for Today's Public Administration. Perspectives, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 30(3), 229–238. [Link]

Lahat, L., & Sher Hadar, N. (2017). Collaborative governance: Literature review (draft for discussion). Jerusalem: The Center for Social Justice and Democracy in Memory of Yakov Chazan at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute [Link].    


Sher Hadar, N., Lahat, L & Galnoor, I. (Eds.) (2020). Collaborative Governance. Theory and Lessons from Israel (Palgrave -Macmillan).  [Link]

Book chapters

Lahat, L., & Sher Hadar, N.  (2019) Coping with the implementation challenge: Decision-making strategies and their implications for collaborative governance. In Editors: Kekez, A., Howlett, M. and Ramesh, M. Collaboration in Public Service Delivery: Promise and Pitfalls. (pp.255-267). Edward Elgar DOI: 10.4337/9781788978583.00026 [Link]

Lahat, L. (2019). New institutionalism in Public Policy. Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. Ed: Professor Ali Farazmand. [Link]

Book Reviews (Hebrew)

Lahat, L. (2019) “For the welfare state”, Abraham Doron, Benish, A. and Gal, J. (Eds.), Journal of Social Security, 107. [Link]

Lahat, L. (2015). Governance - a Very Short Introduction, Mark Bevir. Oxford University Press. Journal of Social Security, 96, 155-158.[Link]

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Lahat, L. (2008). Social Justice, Legitimacy and the Welfare State, Steffen Mau and Benjamin Veghte (Eds.), Journal of Social Security, 78, 160-164. [Link]

 Other Publications:

Lahat, L. (2020). Public sector employee’s emotional well-being in challenging times, ISQOLS - International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies - blog – https://isqols.org/news/9220341 and Espanet Israel website.

Lahat, L. (2020). Thoughts about time in times of quarantine, ISQOLS - International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies - blog - https://isqols.org/news/8929877 and Espanet Israel website.

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Lahat, L. "The War is not between Capitalists and Socialists". The Marker, Haaretz 23/10/2008.

Lahat, L.  "The Ugly Face of the Government", The Marker, Haaretz, 26/5/2008.

Lahat. L. "Leave Ireland", Haaretz, 20/4/2006.





Presentation of Papers at Conferences (peer-reviewed):


2019    International Conference of Public Policy, ICPP4, Concordia University, Montreal. Lahat, L. “Changing expectations?  The regulation of personal social services”.  

2018  Midwest Political Science Association- 76th MPSA, Chicago, IL, USA.
Lahat, L. & Sened, I. “Is It Time for a Time Policy? Time Uses and Subjective Well-being”.

2017 ISQOLS 15th, Conference, Quality of Life: Towards a Better Society, Innsbruck, Austria. Lahat, L. & Sened, I. “Uses of Time and Social Outcomes”.

2017 International Conference of Public Policy, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore. Lahat, L., & Sher-Hadar, N. “Collaborative Governance and Public Values: Examples from the Israeli Case”.

2015 Policy & Politics conference, Bristol University, Bristol, UK. Lahat, L. “Academia and Practice: The Challenge of Collaboration”.

2014 Policy & Politics conference, Bristol University, Bristol, UK 
Lahat, L., & Sabah, Y. “Leadership and Trust in an Era of Collaborative Governance: The Case of an Outcome-Oriented Project in the Israeli Social Services”.

2011 International Summer School, Collegio Carlo Alberto, [Beyond New Public Management?] University of Milano & University of Torino, Torino. Lahat, L., & Talit, G. “The Challenge of Building Regulatory Mechanisms in the Era of New Public Management: The Case of Personal Social Services in Israel”.

In Israel:

2019    Lahat, L. & Sened, I. “Time and policy: Time uses, time preferences and policy perceptions in Israel”, Western Galilee College, Israel. 

2019    Lahat, L.  “Changing expectations? The regulatory narrative of personal social services”, Regulation for welfare: International workshop, Hebrew University, Israel.

2019    Lahat, L. & Sened, I. Lahat, L. & Sened, I. “Time and policy: Time uses, time preferences and policy perceptions in Israel”, Espanet Israel,  Ruppin Academic Center, Israel.  

2018  Lahat, L. & Sabah, Y. “Adapted regulation as a possible model for personal social services: Theoretical and practical aspects”.; Sher-Hadar, N & Lahat L. “Collaborative Governance and Public Values: Examples from the Israeli Case”.; Lahat, L. & Sened, I. “Is It Time for a Time Policy? Time Uses and Subjective Well-being”. ESPAnet Israel, The Academic College of Emek Yezreel, Israel.

2017  Lahat, L., & Ofek, D. “Public Employees' Well-being”, Israel Political Science Association, Tel-Aviv-Yafo Academic College, Israel.

2017  Lahat, L., & Ofek, D. "Public Employees' Well-being", ESPAnet Israel, Bar-Ilan, University, Israel.